Bayannur China
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          History of Bayannur
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        Natural and Geographic

         Bayannur city is focated in the western part of inner Mongolia Autonomous region with Baotou city in the east, Alashan league (equal to “city”)in the west. Erdos faced across the Yellow River in the south and Mongolia in the north. The whole area of the city is 64 thousands square kilometers at presert and the total population is nearly 1.74 million. It contains?Linhe District, Wuyuan County, Dengkou, Hangjin Rear Banner, Wulate Front Banner, Wulate Middle Banner and Wulate Rear Banner under control. The first-level land route port of our country,Ganqqinaodao port,is seized of the city.The city is honored to be “Saishang jiangan” (a bright pearl of Hetao plain and as beautifl as beauti-
        ful as places on the south of the Changjiang River).
         Green Resources of Agricultural and Livestock Products: Bayannur is possessed of more than 1,000 mu of arable land. As the largest automatic-flowing irrigation area in Asia, Ho-t’ao Plain is flat in topography, fertile in land, long in sunlight time and big in diurnal amplitude, becoming the nationally renowned commodity grain base with such famous brand high-quality products as hard wheat, sunflower for oil, Ho-t’ao sweet melon, apple pear, tomato, Chinese wolfberry medlar and etc. It is rich in resources of agricultural and livestock products. In addition to wheat, corn, tomato, sunflower and other economic crops in Ho-t’ao Plain, there are abundant cow, horse, sheep and camel in Wulate Grassland. Especially the white-hair goats from Erlang Mountain and the red camels from the Gobi resound at home and abroad. Rich agricultural and livestock resources are the important foundation of Bayannur in developing the processing industry of agricultural and livestock products.

        Mineral Resources: Yinshan Mountains is in possession the Langshan Zha’ertaishan metallogenetic belt, with such 68 varieties of proved minerals as sulfur, copper, iron, lead, zinc, gold, silver, rare earth, graphite, limestone, silica and granite, in which the reserves of lead, zinc and copper occupy an important place at home, in addition to troilite ranking first in the country in reserves. Its important basis in development of mineral industry rests with concentrated distribution of mineral resources, large reserves, high grade and easy exploitation.

        Water Resources: The water resources are the most advantageous condition of Bayannur in economic development. The Yellow River flows through the city for 345 kilometers, with an average annual flow of 31.6 billion cubic meters. Besides, its annual water-channeling volume from the Yellow River water amounts to about 5.0 billion cubic meters and its annual used water, 500-700 million cubic meters. It is densely covered with lakes and reservoirs, with the complete irrigation and drainage system composed of hydraulic project groups centered on Sanshenggong Yellow River Key Water-control Project, Yellow River General Main Canal and General Drained Field.

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